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Why you need to invest in agriculture as a Nigerian

Agriculture Business:

With a diminish in the world’s market value for crude oil, various countries have shifted their focus to other largely ignored revenue streams. Nigeria as a nation was greatly hit with this unfortunate turn of events in the energy industry. But according to Newton’s third law of motion, “every action has an opposite reaction”. This event has turned the country’s focus to its original source of income, which was agriculture.

Agriculture in Nigeria as a revenue stream is still highly profitable for the nation and Africa as a continent, and is difficult to run dry. With this emergency focus on agriculture, there are lots of benefits the government is putting in place to drive public involvement in the sector.

The early players are going to be the best beneficiaries, and are most likely going to own the future large industries that will enable thousands of people in the country to work in their highly profitable agricultural organizations.

Here are some of the reasons to invest in agriculture

1. It is a source of employment
Agriculture in Nigeria remains a source of employment as people in rural and less populated communities depend on farmlands for their lively hood. While many work as staffs in large farms, families own small farms they tend to periodically. With more and more crops grown and sold in local and international markets, the unemployment rate will continue to drop and the standard of living will rise in Nigeria.

2. It leads to abundance of Food
You’ll never go hungry. Owning a large or small integrated farm will always ensure you do not worry about what to eat, even when you have little or no cash at hand. Aside satisfying your personal food needs, there’s a population of over 170 million Nigerians buying foodstuffs every day, which leaves us with the fact that the market will forever be hungry and implies that the revenue stream will never dry up.

3. It leads to appreciation of Land
When you purchase a plot, two plots, or several acres of land with an intention to utilize it for your agribusiness, several years later, the value of those farm lands would become several times the original value. On the long run, you don’t just make revenue from your produce, but your net worth also rises as the years pass by.

4. The Government Desperately Needs you to invest in Agriculture
Considering the economic situation of the country, it is expedient that government diversify the economy. In doing this, the Nigerian government desperately needs a lot of individuals and businesses to get involved with agriculture in Nigeria. This would ensure the country has a steady income flow when the oil is totally non-existent.

People who invest in agriculture now have easy access to loans for farm inputs such as; fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, machinery, land etc. With the government beckoning on people to come invest in agribusiness, it’s wise to take advantage of everything she’s offering before it’s drastically reduced, due to a steady growing large and interested business population.

5. It is a good source of income
When you create value, the resultant effect is always wealth. Agriculture is one sure way to create great value that ensures you enjoy unlimited wealth. Farmers are not afraid of running out of raw materials anytime soon because your raw materials keep replenishing itself naturally.

Perhaps there is more money to make in Agriculture than most businesses people glamorize these days. Hence, this is the time to get up, get your gloves on, and get close to nature! The reward will be much great.

N.B. Identifying a niche agricultural segment to drive high revenues would make a lot of people millionaires before others realize it’s already happening.

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Why you need to invest in agriculture as a Nigerian
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