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January 2017 Entrepreneur

January 2017 Entrepreneur:

Nwafor Victoria Peace (NVP) has been named Ogamars’ Young Entrepreneur for the month of January, 2017, for her sharp business acumen and innovativeness in running her company, NVP Fashion World.

In our interview with the Abia state – born undergraduate of Yaba College of Technology, Department of Business Management, Victoria discusses her business. Her full story stands out as an inspiration to anyone who has an idea but does not know how to go about it.

I’m known as Nwafor Victoria Peace, the only daughter in the family of four. I hail from Abia State, Ohafia Local Government. Currently, I am running my HND in Yaba College of Technology in the department of Business Management. My hobbies include singing, dancing, playing scrabble, chess and doing craft work.

NVP Fashion World is an organization with a great commitment to the fashion industry and to entrepreneurship development. In 2013, we became a full time fashion organization and so far our products and services have gone round. The products we offer and services we render have placed us on a scale out of 10, the number 7, as we care much about our customers and about the lives we reach out to.

Our products include bags, foot wears, dresses, accessories, books, which are all made with African print fabrics. The services we render were born out of the empowerment initiative program which was created to impact the lives of people in general. We organize skills acquisition training/seminars for youths and women in our society. One of our goals is to add values to the lives of people we come in contact with. We are always very keen to getting their responses to our customer satisfaction team.

Our uniqueness has always lain in correcting mistakes, if any, and improving in our services. We do well to gain more knowledge on how to satisfy our customers and make them feel important. Our products are unique, classy, and stylish. The services we offer are genuine and it is done with a lot of considerations and care for women across the globe.

I’m also involved in an entrepreneurship development program called ‘The New Movement Entrepreneurship Development.’ It is a forum to build a connection between entrepreneurs, both experienced and inexperienced, for the benefit of all; to help reduce the rate of unemployment in our society.

NVP Fashion World came into existence in June 2013, but was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2014. So far it’s been a great experience.

Well, I love dressing fine and looking good. I have my own taste of fashion. My trademark is the African design fabric (Ankara etc.) I really love the colors and the patterns and also wish that people would use the Ankara materials in more ways than usual.

So my passion for fashion contributed to my business start-up. But most especially, my ambition to be self-employed and to be a job creator for others instead of being a job seeker inspired me to venture into this business.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, writing, meeting people and trying new things.

What would I be doing if I was not into fashion? I would probably be in the gospel music industry.

My major breakthroughs in the business were when my company exhibited at the Nigerian Student Fashion Week 2014, and at The African Fashion Week 2014. It meant a lot to me because it exposed me to so many new ideas and experiences.

Setbacks? Yes, there were whole lots of setbacks. Finance was one of them. I had issues starting up the business because of low funds. Also, expanding the business in terms of location has also been an issue, although it is under control at the moment.

However, I was able to overcome the financial problem by engaging in more production which yielded high profits. I also changed my level of reasoning with this quote ‘If you want to do something big, start small.’ This has helped me remain stable in the business and most of all, God has been my strength all the way.

NVP Fashion World is going global few years from now, we tend to make a mark in the fashion industry within the years in focus; starting from Nigeria, then Africa and the world at large.

If the youths in this country where self-employed, then Nigeria would be a better place. We will experience drastic reduction in crime and our economy will blossom. I will advise our teeming unemployed youths to engage in something productive so as to better their lots.

When a group of five youths become entrepreneurs, they will not only put money in their pockets but will also employ others. If this goes on and on, then there will be no reason for our youths to waste away in idleness. So I tell the youths, if that job isn’t favouring you or you’re having a hard time landing your dream job, why not stop searching and create your own job.

There are 1001 businesses you start today with little or no capital. It feels so good to be your own boss and there is only one way to find out; try it.

January 2017 Entrepreneur

January 2017 Entrepreneur

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