promote your business online

Why you need to promote your business online

Promote your business online:

Did you seem to notice that every physical activity has gradually begun to shift base, from the physical market to the internet? This can be seen in the ‘e’ prefix, meaning ‘electronic’, now attached to most activities people carry out. eLearning, eCommerce, eBusiness, eBanking, email, eBook, eCard, eTransaction, eLicense, eTrade, eRegistration, eWhatever! Don’t these suggest anything to you?

These are electronic-related flavors of existing concepts. The world is on the move. Should you move along or wait? Continue reading to find out.

A saying goes that when one stops moving, one soon starts going backwards. Do not be surprised when you start hearing things like eChurch, eMosque, eMall, eSports, eCompany… It’s funny right? Just as people occupy spaces in the physical world, the Cyber Space is a world of its own and those who make early move to occupy it become the ‘landlords’ and enjoy the most benefits. Remember that the early bird catches the finest worms.

Anytime from now, businesses that have not found their place online will soon lose out to competitors who have learnt to harness the good the internet offers. According to, Dec. 2015, there are about 7.3 billion users of the internet in the world and the list grows with each passing day. With the advancement of digital technology, the future of internet promises to be exciting, profound and entirely unpredictable.

Once upon a time, the internet existed only on a computer but today, every owner of a smartphone or mobile device carries the internet with them. Imagine selling your products and services to over 7.3 billion people who are always ‘logged on’. This will take place anytime from now and only those who embrace the internet today will reign on the ‘Cyber Throne’

If you are a business owner who is too busy to pay attention to the internet, the point of this article is not to get you bogged down in the fantasy of the future. Rather, my aim is to point out some practical strategic applications to making detailed observations about the changes in technology and how those changes affect the behavior of consumers – the people you hope to sell to.

Any moment from now:

Any moment from now, only businesses that have observed and mastered the rapid technological change will have competitive advantage over those still operating the old way. With the development of technology, people are now getting used to getting things done just by the click of a button on their devices. Just like sending money or buying stuff, without leaving the comfort your room. Who does not like a stress-free life? Actually, nobody likes to stress themselves out when there is an easier way to getting their jobs done.

In the light of the foregoing, I’ve in the recent years encouraged business owners to establish online presence now, before it is too late. It does not matter the type of business you run. There are still many ways the internet can be of great benefit to you.

Let’s say you run a Laundry Service, you can create an online portal where customers can book your service, while you pick up and deliver back to them once the cleaning is done. This way you would have increased the value of your business and most importantly saved your customers time and money. This will make you stand out from the numerous dry cleaners who sit in their offices waiting for customers to come to them. This strategy is applicable to almost any business.

This era is here with us and the online players are changing the face of doing business everywhere in the world. Research has shown that anytime from now, many jobs and business will be lost due to the rapid increase in online shopping. People prefer to shop from their homes and offices and have their items delivered at their doorsteps. Some online retailers even offer payment on delivery. Would you rather fold your hands and complain instead of applying this strategy that will change the face of your business for good?

It does not matter the kind of products you sell or the type of service you render. Contact us today and see how we can help your business get online.

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Why you need to promote your business online
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