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Mayowa: My challenges in business and how I overcame them

February 2017 Entrepreneur

February 2017 Entrepreneur:

Meet our young entrepreneur of the month Feb. 2017
Mayowa Ojukotimi Samson has been named Ogamars Young Entrepreneur for the month of February, 2017; for his sharp business acumen and innovativeness in running his IT and Designs Consulting Company.

Why I picked Mayowa
I have known Mayowa for over three years and one thing is peculiar about him. He does not take ‘no’ for an answer. He had at different times approached me to join a multi-level marketing scheme he was part of, but I declined. Many other times he kept persuading me on working with him on different levels.

This is one strong quality of highly successful entrepreneurs and Mayowa does not know how to stop until he has gotten what he wants. So I will enjoin you to learn as he shares his experience as a startup.

In our interview with the Osun State College of Technology graduate, Mayowa discusses his business. His story stands out as an inspiration to anyone who has a business idea but does not know how to go about it.

My name is Mayowa Ojukotimi Samson, a young man in his 30s. I grew up and schooled in Idimu, a suburb of Ikotun, Lagos State. After my secondary school, I attended Osun State College of Technology (OSCOTECH) where I earned a National Diploma Certificate in Banking and Finance. Though trained to be a banker, I however sought after a career I loved so much, which is IT and Designs Consulting.

Presently I am an IT Consultant. My passion for drawing and exploring things brought me into contact with what I do. As a matter of fact, when you love to do things and not just for the money, you will notice that you find joy and fulfillment in doing those things. A breakdown of what I do is Graphic Designs, Web Development, Online/Offline Adverts, Branding, Printing, Business Development, Sales Promo, Online Business development and so on and so forth.

My other services are ‘get paid to travel business’, a US Company offering business opportunities to the unemployed, working class and investors. I also do e-currency business which is the hot cake in town, a crypto currency business to decentralize all global currency without problem. I know you must have heard about it. It is called ‘bitcoin’.

Seeing that employment opportunity in the country was very lean, even now it is still lean, I resolved to work on my own as an IT Consultant as far back as 2006 and luckily for me, I have made tremendous headway.

As a young man who loved to explore things, and having strong dislike for employed job, I found it easy to venture into IT business because it is a self-employed job that afforded me a whole lot of time to do other things that are important to me.

I also love to show others what I have tried out so they can also venture into self-employed business and stop waiting for help from brothers, sisters, father etc. Just as a popular song goes, if you still wait for others to do things for you, then “you are on your own.”

Hubby? I am just me and I love doing so many things, but specifically, I love creating beautiful things, and secondly, I love traveling.

If not IT, what I would I do? I would probably be playing football right now. I played lots of football games growing and up till now, it is still my favorite sports. Yes, I might have been a footballer.

I’ll love to begin first with the setbacks. My major setback was that I started my business from the scratch without any form of support. Besides the brains, I had no Kobo, but I had to stay focused. Knowing what I wanted and staying focused helped me to continue pushing until I experienced a breakthrough.

Moreover, I always reminded myself that ‘there is never any dream without challenges’; I encountered series of them in my business. Business is all about taking risks and I took so many of them, some of which did not pay off. However, the quality experience I got in return had always surpassed the risk. I thank God for that.

And for the breakthrough, see where my desire and determination has gotten me today. Despite that I had no teacher to learn from and that I had no capital to start with, it was just my God and I. Now see what I have achieved today. A mere thought of the fact that I’m no longer where I used to be is a major breakthrough for me.

Wow, great question. In the next coming years, I want to leave my footprint everywhere for all to see. This is a big dream for me and I believe only in God to achieve it. I dream to be able to employ other youths like me to work with me.

One of the major setbacks in Nigeria is that every average young Nigerian has refused to THINK AND CREATE. They are only looking around in search of employment which is not there, and though ten years have passed, they are still roaming the streets.

My advice is this, stop looking for someone to employ you but have the spirit of an entrepreneur. Think up solutions to problems, for this is how you can add value to your life and those of others. This way, you can soon become your own boss and employ others. Poverty begins when you fail to think.

Youths have talents; they have the strength and most importantly, they still have time on their side. So why not put your talent to creative use and solve a problem in the society you find yourself. When you satisfy a need, you will be rewarded with money. There’s nothing like free meal; you always get what you deserve.

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