Brand colours

What your colour says about your brand

Brand colours:

Your brand colours have a powerful impact on how your customers perceive your business. It is part of your business identity and it is something people will come to know you with.

Coming with the perfect colour for your business is a challenge startups face. While most people end up picking their best colours, only a few choose their colour professionally by asking some guiding questions like;

• What does my business stand for?
• What products/services will I sell?
• Who are my customers?
• How will my choice of colour impact my brand?

Presented below, in an infograph are two colour psychology charts that will help you learn about colours and decide on which ones are best for your new business.

Brand colours

Brand colours

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See the chart below for more details:

You see, you do not need to pick colours for picking sake because colours have their meanings. On our next article, we’ll look at how to combine colours for your brand.

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What your colour says about your brand
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